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Rose Metal Butt Plugs Play

Rose Metal Butt Plugs Play Time!

Rose-Metal-Butt-PlugsRose Metal Butt Plugs add another precious item in your kink treasure chest with our Rose Metal Butt Plug and Anal Massager. This anal plug exceeds expectations with its sophisticated and perceptive design, made to plug you securely and in fashion. Akin to our previous line of anal toys, this metal butt plug is formed to a bulbous mold, tapering on the tip for an easy insert while adding girth in the mid-section before plugging your gape with an elegant, rose base. Available in 3 different sizes to fit your pleasure requirements, it offers 2.4 to 3.2-inch insertable length options weighing 54g to 107g for the perfect filling and tugging sensation.

Its narrow stem and weighty feel make it perfect for daylong wear, giving you or your partner the much anticipated mental and physical stimulation. And, thanks to its material, it can be warmed or cooled for an erotic temperature play. Its hypoallergenic material also makes it suitable even for the most sensitive of skins.

This excellent find can be coupled with oil, silicone, and water-based lubricants and is easily cleaned with water and mild soap or antibacterial cleaners. So, whether you are planning for stag or couple play or a daring photo session, our chrome-plated butt plugs will give you a sizeable array of sizes to choose from.  


  • EASY SLIP thanks to its smooth surface
  • TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE perfect for temperature play   
  • ELEGANT, designed for both visual and physical stimulation   
  • DIFFERENT SIZES, fit for first time and seasoned users