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Male Chastity Cage the Bird Cage

Male Chastity Cage for the tight fit!

Male Chastity Cage

Male Chastity Cage to be in total control of your man and witness his complete submission with the Bird Cage Male Chastity Device. This classic cock cage features lightweight bar caging that allows visuals of your sub’s manhood while restricting forms of touch and stimulation.

This cage is made to a comfortable yet confining fit; it allows domination over your male sub by restricting his erection while being teased and pleased. Experience the tantalizing agony, yet arousing a sensation of staving off ecstasy with this welded, chrome-plated cock ring and a cage made to complete your BDSM fantasies.

Curved for a natural fit, this chastity gear effectively locks away your sub’s access to his cock as he inevitably cedes control over his crowning glory and hands the fate of his urges to you. Detaining your cock to a complete hold with its 2-inch cock ring, and 6 inches long and 1.5 inches wide cock cage, this device features a 0.25-inch hole for a convenient release.

Male Chastity Cage Use

Simply place the cock ring around the cock and balls and slip into the cock cage while soft. Secure the pins of the cage into the ring and lock the device into place for no escape. Keep your man chaste with the best male chastity penis cage and experience love-making – as you would allow – like never before.


  • ABSOLUTE CONTROL AND PERFECT TEASE as it limits the touch to your sub’s manhood
  • IMPROVED ORGASMS as it helps control your sub’s erection and stimulation
  • INCREASED INTIMACY, as it builds trust and communication
  • RESTRICTIVE BUT CONVENIENT thanks to the cock ring and cage sizes

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