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Long Jeweled Butt Plugs Of Desire

Long Jeweled Butt Plugs Smooth Effects!

Long-Jeweled-Butt-Plugs-2Long Jeweled Butt Plugs will mesmerize your partner to a sensual daze. With the sparkle of these long, jeweled butt plugs and anal toys fit for anal massage they feel great. These metal butt plugs offer an exquisite experience with its smooth, seamless shape and gleaming finish, promising aesthetic satisfaction and physical stimulation to riot you and your partner’s fantasies. Ranging from 3.5 to 4.75 inches, these anal plugs offer tapered stems and broad bases that will glide through your gape, securely and fashionably plugging you with its glossy, gemmed base. With its weighty feel of 2.8 oz to 7 oz, the user will cherish a pleasurable tugging and filling sensation from behind that’s comfortable even with daylong wear.

Its pressure on your sweet spots will remind you of its presence as you go about your day even out in public! Aside from its gem variations, we also pride our product for its hypoallergenic feature, fit even for the most delicate of skins. And, for added sensations, it can be warmed up or cooled down for a lustrous temperature play.

This excellent find is easily cleaned with water and mild soap or antibacterial cleaners. So, whether you are planning for solo or couple play or photo session even, our chrome-plated butt plugs will give newbies and seasoned users a sizeable array of gems and sizes to choose from.


  • EASY TO USE with its smooth, comfortable, and secure mold
  • SUPPORTS TEMPERATURE PLAY thanks to its material
  • PERCEPTIVE DESIGN for maximum stimulation and pleasure
  • CONVENIENT SIZE for beginners or experts

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