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Jeweled Butt Plugs In Colors

Jeweled Butt Plugs In Choice Of Colors.

butt-plug igocrazyformore.comA basic novelty for every anal toy chest, the Classic Jeweled Butt Plug offers an exquisite experience with its perceptive design made for maximum pleasure. Its bulbous shape and tapered tip make it perfect as an anal massager while its gemmed base provides the aesthetic boost for a visual and mental tease. Made in 3 different sizes, its insertable options range from 2.4 inches to 3.2 inches and weigh 1.8oz to 5.7oz, providing the perfect plug and tug!

Don’t shy away as this pleasure find is perfect as a beginner’s toy thanks to its smooth surface and tapered tip. And, its range of sizes and gems makes it suitable even for seasoned users going the classy, traditional way. Aside from filling your gape, its material allows hot and cold play – a kinky addition to its conventional use.

This item goes well with oil, silicone, and water-based lubricants and is easily cleaned with water and mild soap or antibacterial cleaners. We all know that classy is sexy and what’s more classy than our Classic Jeweled Butt Plug – the best pleasure toys for the best experience.


  • COMFORTABLE to use thanks to its smooth surface
  • SUPPORTS TEMPERATURE PLAY thanks to its material
  • PERCEPTIVE DESIGN for both visual and physical stimulation
  • DIFFERENT SIZES, to meet your pleasure requirements