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Let Me Explain – Truly Free Viewing

If you visit the Chaturbate website, you could be sent to one of several different website pages. Chaturbate has a few different entrance pages.

The above screenshots show many of the available webcams. These are real performers you can watch and many you can chat with live.

You Don’t NEED to Subscribe

Webcams show people from all over the world, females, males, couples, trans, sissy’s, etc. doing what they like. Each performer can set their own rules about their own room. Many performers make money from doing this, and that money comes from tips.

Some performers charge tips to go private, one-on-one, to small groups, or even to chat privately. They have several options to choose from when setting up a cam session.

Paying tips is totally up to you and what you want out of your viewing experience. You can still watch cams, listen to them, and even chat with many of them free of charge. Most cam sessions you can see, visit with and get off on without any registration.

No Registration? No Problem!

So how do you see real people, real adult webcam performers for free? Here you go, its simple, secure, and best of all, it is truly 100% free!

After you go to the Chaturbate site and start interacting with it, a screen like the snippet below will show up. Don’t worry; it’s still free. Remember, Chaurbate has expenses and is a business, and they do need to make money. The more people sign up, visit the ads, tip, the more they make.

Get In FREE  see below

The snippet below shows the signup screen you will come across. Sign up and tip if you want, it is fun and exciting getting these people to get off for you. If not, look at the red arrow in the snippet, it is pointing to a place that says, “No thanks, register later.”

Click on the “no thanks” part, and you go directly into the free cam rooms. Full disclosure, since being on Chaturbate for over a year now, I have been redirected back to the register page a couple of times. I clicked “no thanks” again and went back to free webcams.

Webcam no thanks screen

Also, full disclosure,  the links to Chaturbate on here do earn us money, if you sign up and spend money on their site. If you spend no cash, we make no money, but the info is still here, free to use. We are not getting rich here, but we do enjoy Chaturbates free webcams. We hope you do too.


How Free Webcam Search Started

We started this project for a simple reason; we were looking for free webcams. Our quest for truly free webcams was a disappointment.

We found several big sites and a couple of small ones that advertise free cams, but few were genuinely free. Most of the sites were replaying videos of past performers. Moreover, the sites gave you a G rated preview but no real-time shows. The real-time adult shows required a paying membership, with plenty of spam ads and emails, yuk.

We were looking for somewhere to spend some time and get off, quick and easy, or for as long as we wanted. We didn’t have much luck.

We Found It

It was decided we should start a website and let people know where we found the REAL FREE ADULT WebCams. Yet we didn’t want to lead people to a bunch of sites that put the wallet first and entertainment second.

We were faced with the problem of giving up or just put out there what we found, no matter how one-sided it may look.  We are putting these few paragraphs together in full discloser to you and others. If you look at this site, you will see all the webcams we list and show are from Chaturbate. I know, Chaturbate charges money too! But Wait! It really doesn’t unless you want to interact with the performers one on one.